Welcome to Marbella Paintball

Marbella Paintball located in Puerto Banus is superbly equip and fully dedicated to providing you with the very highest standards of care, safety, value for money and fun!

Whether you need a venue for your child’s birthday party or you are a high-profile client looking to reward your employees for a team building event, trust Marbella Paintball to deliver what will be an unforgettable experience for you and your group.


How many paintballs do players need?

This is a very common question – and there is no easy answer. It simply depends how many times the player chooses to pull the trigger, and how much the bill-payer wants to indulge him/her.

The average use is 400-500 paintballs per person per day, however children generally use fewer paintballs than adults.

We have consciously structured our children's packages to include paintballs to allow parents to maintain a budget

Throughout a day between each game all players return to the safe zone for a 10 minute break – this is the opportunity to clean goggles, have a drink, visit the restroom and stock up on more ammunition. You can therefore decide on your budget for each game with a set number of paintballs based on your budget.

The Mini paintball package is the most popular option selected by parents for children’s parties aged 7 - 12 years old, however it is recommended that children attending birthday paintball parties be advised to bring a bit of pocket money along if they wish to buy extra ammo over-and-above that provided for in the package.

The 300 and 500 paintball packages are the two most popular options selected for ages 13-17 years old, however extra paintballs can be purchased at any time during the day.

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